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We got told that a bigger company can sell my house for a higher price because they have a bigger 'database'.

No, because all registered agencies should be working together. Usually buyers are looking for properties and not Real Estate companies. 'Bigger companies' suffer an 'inner competition loss'. That means the bigger the company becomes the more the agents (they are sub-contractors !) have to work on their own. It's competition within the same company.

Agents try to sign us up because they say their company has a bigger 'Profile'?

Well, the word 'Profile' is used in marketing and it is a summary of the characteristics of a market, including information of typical purchasers and competitors, and often general information on the economy and retailing patterns of an area. I bet the Agent trying to sign you up simply doesn't know the meaning and thinks, a bigger company has a bigger profile.
All Real Estate Companies use the SAME ADVERTISING CHANNELS. That means they will advertise your property in the same papers, web sites etc. And Buyers looking for properties go through these known web sites or papers. They don't care, which Real Estate Company has advertised it!

What makes CASA then different to others?

Well,we are actually doing Marketing. You probably have noticed that our adds are 'clean' and the photos are 'professional'. Also is our web site 'clutter-free' and easily accessible on any kind of computer or tablets (iPad etc.). So are our signs, flyers etc. The secret is simple: It is all done by us. We take and process photos professionally, design logos, flyers, signs, ads and even this web site is designed and maintained by us. Most 'old-fashioned' companies have to buy this through third party companies and guess who is paying for this??
That makes us extremely efficient and flexible. And there is more coming.....;-)

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